Refunds and Credits

BetterPlayer does not want to be in a business where we accept payment for a service not rendered. However, in order to maintain a functional operation that services a community of people without disruption, we must implement a refund/credit policy that protects the player/member experience as well as the coach experience. Coaches plan practices around expected attendance and players gain access to practices based on availability. Cancellations and no-shows disrupt this experience for both coaches and players.

Continue reading for full details about our refund/credit policy.

Single Classes

- Single Classes are not refundable. However, if there's a valid reason for canceling one's attendance outside of the allotted window, the single class may be transferred to another date/location within the same “season” (eg. a class bought in July must be used during the summer season only).

- If a customer purchases incurs in a major injury and is unable to attend for a class or group of purchased classes, prorated credits (the prorated credit amount will be calculated from the day of notice to admins) will be provided upon presentation of a doctor's note.

Full Program (usually 9 sessions) and Passport

- Full Refunds are provided to players upon request so long as the request is made one (1) week prior to the first class.

- Requests made by players made within one (1) week (7 days) from the start date but before the first class has started will receive a 75% credit to use during a future season (practices are grouped together by season).

- Requests made by individual players after the first practice but before the second practice (or week in case of a Passport Membership) will receive a 50% credit for use during a future season.

- No refunds are provided for requests by players after the completion of the second practice (or week in case of a Passport Membership).

- Once the season has begun and the player presents a qualifying reason for requesting a refund/credit (e.g. an early season ending injury with a doctor's note), credits are considered on a case by case basis and will be prorated (the prorated credit amount will be calculated from the day of notice to admins).


-BetterPlayer Pickups are not refundable.

General Policy

- In the event of an act of God (e.g. COVID, a major storm, etc.), BetterPlayer will work as transparently and clearly as possible with players to process either refunds or credits, situation permitting.

- We strongly believe in open communication, for any questions and/or concerns please contact us at