BetterPlayer Bootcamp

A bootcamp course designed for players that are completely new to soccer and want to learn the basics of the game.
[L1 - Beginner] Sara Roosevelt Park (Canal Street Field)
3 classes - July 27th, August 3rd & 10th

Soccer practice for adults,
led by expert coaches.

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Create an account now and receive
your First Class for FREE.

  • Where we practice

    BetterPlayer practices take place across dozens of playing fields throughout NYC's boroughs.
  • Programs

    A full program is typically a set of 9 weekly classes.
  • Skill level

    We welcome all players, no matter your level of experience. Players with similar skill levels are grouped together.
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See what others are saying
Better player is an incredible way to start my day. The coaches are awesome, practice is so much fun and I really appreciate how organized betterplayer is with their communications.
Oriana N
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If you always wanted to learn how to play soccer, but missed your shot when you were 6 years old, Better Player is the organization for you. I always loved the game, but other sports always got in the way. Better Player taught me so much more than playing pick up games with friends ever could. they taught me proper form, drills, how to dribble properly, how to move on the pitch, how to communicate clearly on the pitch and many other skills. Better Player has made me an exponentially better player for my teams.
Marcos J
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Better Player is so fun, and it’s a great workout! It’s my first soccer class ever, and the group is really supportive. I scored my first goal last week, whoohoo! Good mix of genders 50/50 and beg/intermediate experience.
Laura M
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The coach Gianluca is very good. He gives us different drills every week and keep the session interesting and fun. He also listens to students and takes feed back on what we want to improve. My fellow students are all nice and we have great time while we work on our skills every week. I look forward to the session all week long.
Shimpei S
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Tryna play soccer but you’re getting rekt in rec leagues? Well, I was. I signed up for this program in February, attended 8 rigorous sessions led by Coach James. James is a gem of a person and all my classmates were extremely supportive and encouraging. Not only did I get much better at the game but I also made friends whom I play with every week which definitely beats playing with strangers. 10/10 best way to get (back) into soccer.
Burak K
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