BetterPlayer was created for one simple reason: to help players improve and learn a game they love.

If you are like us, you've been playing soccer once or twice a week, every week, for months or even years and at a certain point, you realized you weren't actually improving.

Or, maybe you have never played soccer before and you don't want to join a league just to be run over by everyone else and feel deflated.

BetterPlayer was built for you.

We run loads of weekly practices all over NYC, particularly in Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan. These practices are specifically designed to make you a better player. Whether you've been in boots since you were a kid, or you don't know how to take a throw-in, we can help.

All of our practices are run by exceptional coaches who have played at the collegiate level or above and have decades of experience on the pitch that they will share with you over the course of a season (roughly 8 practices).

During a season, you can expect to greatly improve your fundamentals of soccer through drills and hands-on coaching, while becoming a more knowledgeable soccer player through small-sided games and scrimmages. You'll also be joined by a group of other players who, like you, just want to improve their game while also having fun.

By the end, not only will you become a better player, you'll have made connections with a group of players dedicated to fun and growing together. Over 80% of our better player groups create new teams together, and everyone comes out of BetterPlayer ready to join a league (hat tip to our partner, NYC Footy)!

While a typical class will run over the course of 8-sessions, we know that living in NYC is a full-time job in and of itself. We have various options that allow you to join the program at varying commitments, from a toe in the water, to the Passport Program, which will enable you to go to as many classes as you want anywhere in the city.